What Others Say About US

At Sprout Finance, we offer unbiased and objective analyses and solutions for you, to help you meet your financial goals.

We've managed to help our clients reach their financial goals and we will be more than happy to help you reach yours too.

  • “Chase and Carissa Are Very Patient & Knowledgeable, Highly Recommended!”

    “We got to know Chase from a friend and decided to learn more. We shared our financial goals of planning for our children’s future, estate planning and retirement planning to Chase and Carissa and they gave us great advice.

    Chase and Carissa were very patient and knowledgeable about the financial topics and helped us improve our finance and investing strategy.

    We trust Chase and Carissa and have recommended them to our friends and family members!”

    - Hendra & Winda, Both 35 

    Hendra CEO of Luxury Watch Company
    Winda, CFO of RadaTime

  • “Chase Is a Trustworthy Financial Planner. I Recommend Him to Anyone Looking For an Unbiased Second Opinion.”

    “I am an avid investor and I constantly look for opportunities to buy. However, I always miss crucial moments due to my busy work schedule.

    I chanced upon Sprout and decided to meet Chase, the founder, to learn more. Chase shared with me his unique active fund management strategy and gave me great advice on achieving higher savings for my personal portfolio with his in depth analysis

    Chase is a trustworthy person and I will recommend him to anyone who wants an unbiased second opinion.”

    - Vikram, 40 

    CEO of Singaporean Tech Company

  • Colum“Chase Has A Lot of Knowledge In Finance And Is Very Well Versed in Financial Instruments."

    “I’ve worked with Chase on multiple occasions and found him to be an extremely hardworking person who gets things done. His knowledge of finance is very in depth and he gave me valuable advice when I showed him my portfolio. He is very well versed in financial instruments as well

    I recommend Chase for people like me who run multiple businesses and don’t have much time to do financial research.”

    - Daryl, 26

    CEO of Two Men Social