About Us

Sprout Finance is managed by Chase and Carissa, representatives from Summit Planners Maximus, a branch representing Manulife FA.

Having had bad experiences with picking the wrong financial products, Chase and Carissa dedicated themselves to simplifying and educating working professionals on the importance of proper financial planning to make sure that no one makes the same mistakes as they did.

  • Honesty

    We put our clients' needs first. We want to break the stigma surrounding the financial services industry by providing top quality services with integrity.

  • Transparency

    We never mislead our clients in any way. We will tell you what other financial advisors typically avoid mentioning.

  • Accuracy

    Weekly market news and yearly portfolio updates. We measure our success by how well informed our clients are about their financial situation.

  • Excellence

    Best in class professionalism, we aim to serve as your trusted financial "butler", someone reliable you can turn to for advice.