Attention: Working Professionals Who Don't Know Whether Their Financial Plans Are Worth It.

Learn How a 30 Minutes Call Can Potentially Help You Save From Overpaying Your Financial Policies

Like most people, you probably bought your financial plans in your 20s and forgot about them.

There shouldn't be a reason to check your financial plans because you did your research back then and bought them from someone you trust.. right?

Besides, with your days and nights spent working and raising a family, you dont have time or energy for much else..

Because of this, you probably..

• Don't have time to research financial products.

• Don't know if they are overpaying insurance premiums.

• Don't have a proper plan for your retirement.

And that can be very dangerous when it comes to financial planning..

With the current situation, everyone has become more aware of their health and are actively looking for protection and financial plans

This has caused financial firms to create products better suited for specific individuals which increased competition.

More competition means better priced financial products for customers.

Reserve a strategy call with us to find out if your current plans are worth it.

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Here's What You Get in
Just 30 Minutes

Step 1

Personal Financial Needs Analysis

Step 2

100% Unbiased Audit of your Current Policies

Step 3

Brainstorming and Planning for your Financial Goals

Step 4

Recommendations on the Best Solutions for you

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More Competition = Better Policy Prices
for Working Professionals Like YOU!

It is like the case with mobile data.

According to CNA, back in 2016, every Gigabyte of mobile data cost $5

But nowadays with new telco companies competing with big ones the average person pays between $0.20 to $0.50 per Gigabyte (that's up to 25 times cheaper!).

Similarly, the same plan that you bought years ago might be much cheaper today..

That means that you might potentially be overpaying by thousands of dollars a year by sticking to old financial plans!

But how are your supposed to know with work and family taking up so much time?

Sprout Finance Aims to Provide an 
Unbiased Second Opinion on Your Financial Plans

Sprout Finance is a representative from Summit Planners Maximus, a branch representing Manulife FA.

In just 30 short minutes, we will analyse your plans and portfolio to identify potential products that might be outdated.

By tigthening your plans, you can not only save, but potentially earn thousands of dollars a year!

What You Receive in Our
4-Step Sprout Framework

Step 1
Personal Financial Needs Analysis

Financial goal setting be it for a house, children's education or early retirement.

Step 2
Unbiased Detailed Analysis of Your Current Plan

A comprehensive audit of your current plans & whether they fit your needs.

Step 3
Knowledge Sharing & Simplifying Policies

You will understand what policies you need and what you don't with simple explainations

Step 4
Recommendations On The Best Solutions For Your Situation

We will advise you on what your should do with your current plan's analysis. We will not pressure you at all, we aim to educate!

This Will NOT Be Another "Sales Pitch"

We understand why you might feel this way due to the stigma associated with financial consultants.

We want to break that stigma.

Financial planning can be very complicated.

That is why our mission at Sprout is to educate.

To empower working professinals with the knowledge to choose the plans that they need and what they don't so that they won't overpay.

NO Hardselling

NO Pushy Sales Tactics

NO Dishonesty

Our goal is to be a reliable team of financial planners who you can trust and look to for honest financial guidance and proper planning.

And if you feel that your current plans are good enough, we will absolutely NOT push products or hardsell you.

This is our core principle that we strongly believe in.

Our Promise To You

At Sprout Finance, we hold 3 values firmly.

Transparency • Accuracy • Professionalism

Quarterly Portfolio Reports

Transparent reports to track your portfolio’s progress.

Weekly Market Insights

Summarised updates to keep up with the latest market news.

Only Products Catered To Your Needs

We will educate and recommend you the financial policies that you need to achieve your financial goals

Holistic Financial Planning

From health insurance to retirement, we strive to provide a comprehensive plan that is tailored to your needs.

Don't Take Our Word For It, Hear What Our Clients Have To Say

“I Had No Time to Handle My Finances. Chase Gave Me a Personalised Financial Plan"

"Previously I was very busy with work and did not have time to handle my finances properly. I tried to do it myself but it was too confusing to research what policies to buy.

Meeting Chase was an eye opening experience. I felt very comfortable letting him know what my goals are and he gave me a personalised financial plan to grow my wealth exponentially while keeping my loved ones safe.

After meeting Chase, I feel that I know more about my current situation. I highly recommend anyone to speak with Chase and engage with him."

Daryl, 26
CEO of Two Men Social, Marketing Agency

“Chase and Carissa Are Very Patient & Knowledgeable, Highly Recommended!”

“We want to plan for our children’s education fund and retirement but don't really know which financial products best suit us.

We met Chase and Carissa through a friend and they gave us great advice.

Chase and Carissa were very patient with us and gave helpful tips to improve our finance and investing strategy.

We trust them will definitely recommended Sprout Finance to our friends and family!”

Hendra & Winda, Both 35
Hendra CEO of Luxury Watch Company
Winda, CFO of RadaTime

“Chase Is a Trustworthy Financial Planner. I Recommend Him to Anyone Looking For an Unbiased Second Opinion”

“I am an avid investor and I constantly look for opportunities to buy. However, I always miss crucial moments due to my busy work schedule.

I chanced upon Sprout and decided to meet Chase, the founder, to learn more. Chase shared with me his unique active fund management strategy and gave me great advice on achieving higher savings for my personal portfolio with his in depth analysis.

Using Chase's methods, I am now able to invest when the market dips and reap long term gains. Chase is a trustworthy person and I will recommend him to anyone who wants an unbiased second opinion.”

Vikram, 40
CEO of Singaporean Tech Company

About Us

Chase and Carissa here, founders of Sprout Finance, representatives from Summit Planners Maximus, a branch representing Manulife FA

A few years ago we decided to check our insurance plans and realised that we have been overpaying..

We thus started to find alternative financial products and was overwhelmed with how complicated financial planning can be.

We did not know who to trust and did a lot of research on our own.

After a lot of studying, we finally picked suitable insurance and investment plans catered to our needs.

We Realised That A Lot Of Our Friends Did Not Have Much Financial Planning

This is because like us, they were too busy with work to research the many different financial products.

• Don't have time to research financial products.

• Don't know if they are overpaying insurance premiums.

• Don't have a proper plan for their retirement.

Having gone through their struggles, we decided to do our part to help.

Armed with our resolve, we took courses and got our Professional Financial Licences and created Sprout Finance, a financial planning firm dedicated to educating people on the importance of financial planning.

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Is Sprout Finance representing any Financial firms

We are representatives of Summit Planners Maximus, a brand representing Manulife Financial Advisors Pte Ltd.

Is this going to be another sales pitch?

Having gone through poor financial planning experiences, we aim to be educators of personal financial planning to everyone. Should we find out a problem with your currents financial policies we will give you advise on cheaper products more suitable for you.

However, should we find nothing wrong with your current policies we will not recommend you policies just to "sell" to you. We do not advocate or condone any type of pressure selling as we believe in honesty and integrity.

Why would I want to take on your strategy call?

We have seen many of our friends overpaying on their financial plans and made it our mission to help others.

Take this chance to learn about what you are actually paying for and whether it is worth it. Treat it as an unbiased 2nd opinion with NO STRINGS ATTACHED. With just 30 minutes of your time, you will be able to have a clear goal on your financial situation.

This session will be an educational one and we will not hardsell any products so contact us for that peace of mind.

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