E Book Reveals Secrets The Rich Use to Retire 5 Years Earlier using a Structured Plan That Increases Their Assets by Thousands of Dollars Every Year
5 Simple Steps • Non-Time Consuming

Many People Want To Retire Earlier But Have No Idea How To..

These are some SUPER important questions you should ask yourself if you are serious about retiring earlier.

How Much More Do I Need To Earn To Retire 5 Years Earlier?

How To Increase My Income Sources To Earn While I Sleep?

Which Expenses Can I Cut Down To Save Money?

Where Have I Been Overpaying?

But ofcourse retirement planning is easier said than done.

Many people put of their retirement planning because..

1) INFORMATION OVERLOAD, with so many people saying so many things, who do you listen to?

2) Lack of SELF DISCIPLINE and COMMITMENT to follow through with a plan..

3) HAVE NO TIME to audit own finances.

This e book simplifies your retirement planning into 5 simple actionable steps YOU can take to help you retire 5 years earlier.

This E Book will teach you the 5 secrets techniques used by the rich to retire faster

These 5 simple steps can potentially help you earn thousands of dollars more every year, shortening your retirement by 5 years!

○ #1 Goal Setting
This is not another typical goal setting. This first step will teach you how to properly set yearly attainable goals so that you will actually reach them this time.

○ #2 Nest Building
A structure of commitment and consistency with multiple revenue streams from a mix of equity and fixed income sources so that you can buy that dream home and start your journey towards earlier retirement.

○ #3 Protect Your Nest
Protection is important, this chapter discusses the switching of plans, the difference between term and whole-life plans and other retirement fund protection strategies.


○ #4 Switching Plans Effectively
Weekly market updates to hop on opportunities and maximise returns while maintaing proper risk management.

○ #5 Yearly Goals Review
Our priorities change as we enter different stages of lives. A yearly check is important to keep our goals updated and ensure that our retirement plan is on schedule.

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The first step to achieving your financial goals is to understand your expenses and ways you can reduce it.

This book will provide you with secrets the rich use to earn THOUSANDS of dollars a year retire 5 years earlier with 5 simple steps.

"5 Secrets The Rich Use to Retire Earlier"
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“I Had No Time to Handle My Finances. Chase Gave Me a Personalised Financial Plan"

"Previously I was very busy with work and did not have time to handle my finances properly. I tried to do it myself but it was too confusing to research what policies to buy.

Meeting Chase was an eye opening experience. I felt very comfortable letting him know what my goals are and he gave me a personalised financial plan to grow my wealth exponentially while keeping my loved ones safe.

After meeting Chase, I feel that I know more about my current situation. I highly recommend anyone to speak with Chase and engage with him."

Daryl, 26
CEO of Two Men Social, Marketing Agency

“Chase and Carissa Are Very Patient & Knowledgeable, Highly Recommended!”

“We want to plan for our children’s education fund and retirement but don't really know which financial products best suit us.

We met Chase and Carissa through a friend and they gave us great advice.

Chase and Carissa were very patient with us and gave helpful tips to improve our finance and investing strategy.

We trust them will definitely recommended Sprout Finance to our friends and family!”

Hendra & Winda, Both 35
Hendra CEO of Luxury Watch Company
Winda, CFO of RadaTime

“Chase Is a Trustworthy Financial Planner. I Recommend Him to Anyone Looking For an Unbiased Second Opinion”

“I am an avid investor and I constantly look for opportunities to buy. However, I always miss crucial moments due to my busy work schedule.

I chanced upon Sprout and decided to meet Chase, the founder, to learn more. Chase shared with me his unique active fund management strategy and gave me great advice on achieving higher savings for my personal portfolio with his in depth analysis.

Using Chase's methods, I am now able to invest when the market dips and reap long term gains. Chase is a trustworthy person and I will recommend him to anyone who wants an unbiased second opinion.”

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